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Exeter a new dispersal area? – Political implications of this possibility.

About the project:Exeter City of Sanctuary (ECoS) has learned that there is a chance the city may become a new dispersal area for asylum seekers and migrants in the U.K. ECoS would like to support this possibility in as an

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Influence of community activism on decisions about dispersal

About the project: What role does/have in the past/could community groups, activists and so on in terms of decisions to make their local city/town a dispersal area or to have a new detention centre. Are local residents ever consulted? What,

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Geographical inequalities in accessing legal services

About the project:Research into the uneven distribution of refugee/asylum seeker services and how your location in the country can determine the access you have to legal advice. Specific reference to South-West region would be of use to RSDRegion: UKRegional location:

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