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How to search this site

This page tells you how to search this site for ‘projects’ and ‘profiles’ and suggests some search terms you might use.

You can search the site for posts using the search box on the right hand side of the screen. Simply enter in keywords that capture what you are looking for. When organisations and individuals post their projects and profiles on the site they are asked to include as much information as they can and the search box on the right will search through what they have entered.

The following is a list of suggested search terms you can use to search the site, which reflects the sort of information that new adverts include:

Regional terms

Including “UK” and “US”

Specific regions of the UK

Including “South west”, “North west”, South east”, North east”, “Midlands”, “Scotland”, “Wales” and “Northern Ireland”

Geographic reach of the project

Including  “locally”, “regionally”, “nationally” or “internationally”


Including “Health”, “Mental health”, “Gender”, “Sexuality”, “Family”, “Disability”, “Age”, “Exclusion”, “Discrimination”, “Detention”, “Deportation”, “Poverty & destitution”, “Riots”, “Trauma”, “Food”, “Personal Safety”, “Fires”, “Sexual violence”, “Torture”, “Disappearance/absence & tracing”, “Self harm”, “Hunger striking”, “Emotional issues & migrants”, “Counselling”, “Activism”, “Political Mobilisation”.

Key insitutions

Including “Local community”, “Schools”, “Church”, “higher education”, “Hospital”, “Welfare Support”, “Detention Centres”, “Local Government”, “Police Force”, “Prisons”, “Workplace”, “FRONTEX”


Including “Report”, “Evaluation”, “Brochure”, “Information/Educational materials”, “Publicity materials”, “Awareness raising materials”, “Campaign materials”, “Workshop”, “Conference”, “Podcast”, “Video/Film/Media”, “Radio”, “TV”, “Website”, “Blogpost(s)”, “Artwork”, “Music”, “Poetry”, “Newspaper articles”, “Academic publication”, “Ph.D.”, “Seminar”, “Book”, “Book chapter”, “March”, “Rally”.

Skills needed or skills offered

“Journalism”, “Previous experience of report writing”, “Language skills”, “Qualitative methods”, “Quantitative methods”, “Collaborative / Participatory Methods”, “IT skills including new social media skills”, “Photographic or artistic skills”, “Verbal and writing English language proficiency”.

Sector of the Economy

“Education”, “Volunteer”, “Unpaid Work”, “Domestic Work”, “Unemployment / Out of Work”, “Farm Work”.

Resources needed or offered

“Office space”, “Access to datasets”, “Relevant literature”, “Access to online communities of interest / support”, “Access to participants”, “Managerial / mentoring guidance”, “Financial contribution to project costs”, “Examples of similar work”.

Stages of immigration status determination that the research will focus upon or that the researcher is familiar with

“Pre-arrival”, “In-transit”, “Arrival”, “Interview”, “Detention”, “Removal Proceedings”, “Awaiting Appeal”, “Further Appeals”, “Decision Known”, Decision Letters”, “Visa Matters”, “Deportation process”, “Refused asylum”, “leave to remain”, Destitute”, “Anti-deportation”, “Sanctuary”, “Post-deportation”, “Voluntary Repatriation”