Research and policy consultant available

Freelance researcher and policy consultant.

Also an experienced visitor, caseworker and advocate for detained migrants, including those facing removal.

Specialist areas of knowledge and experience include:
-Detention (policy, conditions, healthcare, access to justice)
-Enforced removals and deportation
-Asylum and appeals processes and judicial reviews
-Section 4 housing and bail procedures
-Migrant mental health
-Hunger striking
-Political mobilisation and activism.
Independent Researcher
Research skills:
-Interviews (face-to-face and by telephone)
-Focus groups
-Desk research
-Data analysis / number-crunching

Additional skills relating to policy:
-Drafting government consultation responses
-Submitting written evidence submissions to parliamentary/agency inquiries
-Research and stakeholder consultation to inform policy submissions.

Research and Policy Consultant (Academy of Social Sciences, Campaign for Social Science)

-Written reports
-Desk research and data analysis
-Drafting government consultation responses
-Submitting written evidence submissions to parliamentary/agency inquiries
-Stakeholder consultation to inform policy submissions

Independent Visiting Case-Advocate for migrants in Colnbrook and Yarl’s Wood IRCs

-Advocating to lawyers using country guidance, case-law and policy documents
-Helping migrants to better understand and take control of their own legal cases
-Assistance with bail and section 4 applications and complaints procedures
-Liaising with external bodies such as BID, Medical Justice, British Red Cross and others
-Experience of working with asylum seekers, FNOs, article 8 claimants, young people who’ve recently become adults, survivors of torture and sexual abuse, people with complex mental health needs, and others

Migrant Health,Migrant Mental health,Gender Issues,Sexuality,Family,Detention,Deportation,Poverty & Destitution,Trauma,Sexual Violence,Torture,Hunger striking,Activism,Political mobilisation

South east
Yes (specify region)
London and surrounding areas

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