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My name’s Sam Ivin I’m a recent graduate of documentary photography from University of South Wales, Newport.

I’m currently expanding a photography project on asylum seekers and was wandering if anyone can help meet some willing asylum seekers?

I carry out the work by interviewing asylum seekers for 10-20 minutes and then take a few quick pictures. All asylum seekers will be kept anonymous. The project has had lots of positive feedback and has received attention internationally so it would be a great help if I can expand the work to other cities in the UK. I’ve recently finished working in a drop in centre in Cardiff and a therapy centre for refugees in Leeds but am struggling to get access elsewhere.

You can see a short selection of the work at Feel to get in contact by email or phone, both available on my site.

Thanks for reading, all the best,

Present until 31st January
South east

Health,Mental health,Gender,Sexuality,Family,Disability,Age

Local community,Schools,Church,Higher education,Hospital,Welfare support,Detention Centres

Awareness raising materials

Journalism,IT skills including new social media skills

  • Adobe photoshop/photo editing, Microsoft office, social media and basic video editing skills

Awaiting appeal,Further appeals

Volunteer,Unpaid work,Unemployed / out of work

“Lingering Ghosts” Project Overview

The aim of my ongoing documentary photography project, “Lingering Ghosts” is to give a small insight into some of the asylum seekers who hope to find refuge in Britain. It also seeks to raise questions about how the UK’s migration system treats those who arrive in our country seeking safety. These “Lingering Ghosts” are unable to fully contribute and integrate within the UK society, and are left in a place where their future is uncertain.

These asylum seekers coming to the UK seek a normal, peaceful life where they can contribute to society but until they are given refugee status they are unable to do so. This often leads to a loss of identity, purpose and confusion. I hope to give the viewers a sense of the frustration and confusion that asylum seekers feel, whilst questioning the theme of identity.

The issue of asylum seekers in the United Kingdom is a complex and often misunderstood subject. Rather than focusing on a niche group of people from one particular culture or background, I want to be able to give viewers a greater understanding of the circumstances of refugees in the UK whilst making them question their opinions around the subject.

End Result/Output

I am currently at the research and development stage of the project but intend for the work to be presented in a passport themed style photo book, an exhibition and an edition of prints. I intend for the book to be complete by April and the exhibition and prints by Mid-June at the absolute latest. Ideally I would like to launch them both at the same time, perhaps in Refugee Week.
Whilst carrying out research for the project in 2013 I spent a couple of months in an asylum drop in centre in Cardiff 2-3 times a week, meeting asylum seekers, helping them learn english and just generally helping out. Since then I have been back to Cardiff on one occasion as well as Solace Therapy centre in Leeds.

The main engagement will be through the final outcomes of the book and exhibition though. I plan to make 750-1000 copies of the book, some of which shall be distributed to the asylum seekers who participated in the project and to refugee rights charities and organisations. The rest shall be for sale through my website or a publisher and will be marketed through social media and other platforms in the photographic community. The exhibition would also be aimed at both refugee organisations and the photographic community but it’s important to me that it gets public attention too

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