On behalf of Plymouth Agencies Informal Forum – Refusal of Controlled Legal Representation

To update and build on research into the refusal of Controlled Legal Representation (legal aid for representation) to asylum seekers who have received a refusal decision and wish to appeal to the Tribunal. Preliminary research revealed a large proportion of the legal aid refusals were reviewable and could be overturned resulting in representation at appeal. The aim of this research would be to do some up to date work in the South West. Also the research could be developed further to consider the impact on the appellent of the CLR refusal, the case outcome, the potential resulting destitution. See Asylum Appellate Project research
3 months
South west

Discrimination,Poverty & destitution

Other government department,Workplace

  • Legal Aid Agency

Report,Evaluation,Publicity materials,Campaign materials,Academic paper,Seminar

Previous experience of report writing,Quantitative methods,Verbal and written English language proficiency

Refused asylum/leave to remain,Destitute

Professional work

  • legal profession

Office space,Access to datasets,Relevant literature,Access to online communities of interest/support,Access to participants,Managerial/mentoring guidance,Examples of similar work

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