Migrant community needs in Greenwich, Haringey, Barnet and West London

The main aim of the action research is to develop the existing understanding of migrant (EU and Non-EU) issues in the areas to present to local stakeholders including the council, advice providers and MPs. The focus is the impacts of the Immigration Act on migrant people accessing banks, health providers and housing.

The research involves a combination of: gathering secondary data in the borough (including numbers of migrants, service provider monitoring data), broad policy perspectives in the borough, and participatory research. Case studies would be gathered of how migrant people are treated by local services (statutory and voluntary), barriers to accessing services and what provisions need to be put in place.

Much of this will tie into the work MRN is already doing but it will involve some more in depth research and the production of short reports.

Each piece of research should last about three months.
3 months
South east

Health,Exclusion,Discrimination,Activism,Political mobilisation,Other

Local community,Hospital,Welfare support,Local government

Report,Campaign materials

Previous experience of report writing,Verbal and written English language proficiency

Office space,Relevant literature,Access to participants,Managerial/mentoring guidance

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