Legal Aid Provision – South West (in particular Plymouth)

To consider the availiability of specialist legal advice under legal aid contracts in the areas that remain eligible (i.e. principally asylum matters) but also to consider advice availability for those areas no longer eligible for legal aid. This will require consideration of need, capacity and legal aid availability. To consider also the issues arising when cases are transferred between solicitors and the refusal of controlled legal representation and its consequences.
2-3 months
South west


Other government department,Local government,Workplace

  • Legal Aid Agency

Report,Evaluation,Workshop,Academic paper

Previous experience of report writing,Quantitative methods

  • consideration of legal aid data

Arrival, interview,Detention,Removal proceedings,Awaiting appeal,Further appeals

Professional work

  • legal aid lawyers and advisors

Office space,Access to datasets,Relevant literature,Access to online communities of interest/support,Access to participants,Managerial/mentoring guidance

A small scale project to consider some issues around the availaiblity of specialist legal advice funded by the Legal Aid Agency. The project could take other directions depending on the researcher

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