Follow a Cohort of 10 families who received up-front case management services as an ATD

A 6 month Alternative to Detention pilot project was conducted from April- Oct 2015 in Chicago, Illinois through ICDI, an interfaith group who have advocated for Community Based Alternatives to Detention. The project was coordinated through Lutheran Immigration Refugee Service with Oak Foundation funding. The funding has ended and a report is forthcoming. We are looking for a research group interested in following this 10 family Cohort to assess mid to longer-term impact of holistic Case-Management services on well-being, as well as compliance. We can provide access to the cohort and some coordination support. The project would be autonomous and run by whomever has overlapping research interests. Thanks!

Mental health,Family,Detention



Language skills,Qualitative methods,Quantitative methods,Collaborative / Participatory methods

  • Spanish

Removal proceedings,Awaiting appeal

Domestic work,Unemployed / out of work,Manual labour,Service industries

Access to datasets,Relevant literature,Access to participants

Please contact Perth Rosen, Interim Director for Migrant Services at Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service for more information:

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