Exeter a new dispersal area? – Political implications of this possibility.

Exeter City of Sanctuary (ECoS) has learned that there is a chance the city may become a new dispersal area for asylum seekers and migrants in the U.K. ECoS would like to support this possibility in as an informed and effective way as is possible. To that end, we would benefit from research into the following areas. We would particularly like to find a ‘match’ with a politics student, or a researcher capable of advising us as to the potential political implications of the upcoming election on the proposal in question.

• What is the process behind establishing a city as a dispersal zone? I.e. does the Home Office ask an area to become a dispersal area? Who is responsible for answering yes or no? Does a city or council need to provide evidence of good will/capability to meet demands? Etc.

• In order to make a strong case for Exeter being a dispersal area again, it would be good to understand the history of why it became a dispersal area in the first place as well as why it ceased to be such.

• What influence (if any) do local politicians (county and city councillors) have in an area becoming (or not becoming) a dispersal area?

• From the point of view of ECoS, it would be good to know how much influence local politicians have in order to help us construct a plan for approaching politicians.

• What are the current positions/leanings of the Exeter councils? Are we correct in our suspicions that there exists tension between the two authorities in Exeter – it seems the county council and city council may have opposing views about whether Exeter could support asylum seekers? Does this split in decision-making substantially weaken the proposal’s chance of success? This could be considered by comparisons with unitary authorities e.g. Plymouth.

Please comment here, or alternatively contact ECoS at exetercos@outlook.com for more information.

We would be extremely helpful for any assistance, even if you are only able to research or answer one or two of these points, do let us know.
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Academic paper

We need this information as soon as we can get it.

We do not require any particular level of expertise, just someone capable of explaining these issues to us as clearly as possible

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