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Follow a Cohort of 10 families who received up-front case management services as an ATD

About the project:A 6 month Alternative to Detention pilot project was conducted from April- Oct 2015 in Chicago, Illinois through ICDI, an interfaith group who have advocated for Community Based Alternatives to Detention. The project was coordinated through Lutheran Immigration

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Photography Project UsingAnnoymus Photos

About the project:Hi, My name’s Sam Ivin I’m a recent graduate of documentary photography from University of South Wales, Newport. I’m currently expanding a photography project on asylum seekers and was wandering if anyone can help meet some willing asylum

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Asylum Aware

About the project: To Support Refugees and Asylum Seekers and Challenge Negative Stereotypes that Refugees and Asylum Seekers face -Hosting a event -Creating a informative comic book -Providing assemblies and workshops in school -Working with local media to publish positive

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Exeter a new dispersal area? – Political implications of this possibility.

About the project:Exeter City of Sanctuary (ECoS) has learned that there is a chance the city may become a new dispersal area for asylum seekers and migrants in the U.K. ECoS would like to support this possibility in as an

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Influence of community activism on decisions about dispersal

About the project: What role does/have in the past/could community groups, activists and so on in terms of decisions to make their local city/town a dispersal area or to have a new detention centre. Are local residents ever consulted? What,

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The relationship between government support and waiting times

About the project:Of interest to see whether successful applications for Section 4 support from the government has any influence on the length of time clients have to wait to hear a decision on judicial review.Region: UKRegional location: South westMust be

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Geographical inequalities in accessing legal services

About the project:Research into the uneven distribution of refugee/asylum seeker services and how your location in the country can determine the access you have to legal advice. Specific reference to South-West region would be of use to RSDRegion: UKRegional location:

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Migrant community needs in Greenwich, Haringey, Barnet and West London

About the project:The main aim of the action research is to develop the existing understanding of migrant (EU and Non-EU) issues in the areas to present to local stakeholders including the council, advice providers and MPs. The focus is the

On behalf of Plymouth Agencies Informal Forum – Refusal of Controlled Legal Representation

About the project:To update and build on research into the refusal of Controlled Legal Representation (legal aid for representation) to asylum seekers who have received a refusal decision and wish to appeal to the Tribunal. Preliminary research revealed a large

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Legal Aid Provision – South West (in particular Plymouth)

About the project:To consider the availiability of specialist legal advice under legal aid contracts in the areas that remain eligible (i.e. principally asylum matters) but also to consider advice availability for those areas no longer eligible for legal aid. This

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