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Projects Seeking ResearchersResearchers Seeking Projects
Legal Aid Provision – South West (in particular Plymouth)
On behalf of Plymouth Agencies Informal Forum – Refusal of Controlled Legal Representation
Migrant community needs in Greenwich, Haringey, Barnet and West London
Geographical inequalities in accessing legal services
The relationship between government support and waiting times
Influence of community activism on decisions about dispersal
Exeter a new dispersal area? – Political implications of this possibility.
Asylum Aware
Photography Project UsingAnnoymus Photos
Follow a Cohort of 10 families who received up-front case management services as an ATD
Example Advert: Researcher Profile
Staff at Unviersity of Exeter
PhD student at the Univesity of Exeter
Undergraduate Dissertation Student- Open to ideas!
Marco Stefan – PhD candidate in EU Law; Expert in Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation
Lecturer at Lancaster University
Settling In Research Project
Research and policy consultant available